Friday, May 18, 2012

blogging is all about this in pic



how to make blog popular

  1. Dress up your blog often
  2. Ask questions to your visitors
  3. Encourage sharing of opinions.
  4. Create polls  
  5. Join Yahoo! Answers and put a link on your website to your answers 
these are some popular tips to make bolg popular and most frequent. 

Flash animations

Use the animator to make the user more attractive towards the blog and feel more entertainment. so use flash animator to make blog attractive.

Blogger Templates

blogger templates are the we can say theme that we can apply to it to over view .there are many templates available in many of the site and they free fo u u can apply to it and use it.The template quality varies from one designer to the other.

Html Character EnCoder

HTML character encoder will help in see and display html codes in blog post and blog comments.

Example. If you posted this code

the browser will convert it to

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the program by google which is used to generate the revenue to eran .it is the adverts of image ,photos,videos,or any genrate the revenue by per click or per permission basis.the google test and apporve the adverts and that adverts put on the website and after that if any budy click on adverts the renenue is gentrated to the admins.
there are many types of adsens available in program;-

  1. Google AdSense for feed
  2. Google AdSense for search
  3. Google AdSense for mobile content
  4. Google AdSense for domain
  5. Google AdSense for videos

Jump From Blogger Blogspot to WordPress

it is very easy to move blogger blogspot blog to wordpress .there are simple technique step you have to fallow:-

  1. first go to the website and download the wordpress setup to istall the file.
  2. in your wordpress adminstrator click on the tools-import.
  3. click on blogger and there will be pop-up and click install.
  4. click on authorize  to get the woedpress to access the blogger account.
  5. the google account page will be open and then click on grant access.
  6. you will able to see the the post and command and then click on import.
  7. assign the name of your in the wordpress name to be diaplayed.